Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thanks and welcome

There are so many people to thank and welcome to all. Thanks to Anne Siller and Michelle Williams for setting this blog up. Anne, your cards announcing this blog address are wonderful. Thanks also to Peggy and Mark Burck for hosting a great event yesterday at which many of us were able to meet and get to know each other better.  Thanks to our young ladies for designing a fashionable t-shirt.  Thanks to Chapelwood for a touching commission.

I hope, as time permits, to highlight the contributions of many individuals. There are so many people like Diane Rager, Mary Waggoner, Ellen Davis, Betsy Hooper, Mary Kay Moen, Susan Johnson, Patty Eggleston, so many Sunday Schools, so many staff from Chapelwood, so many from the UMW, the Youth, Mercy Street who aren't getting on the plane but who are going with us in spirit and whose contibutions are already in the Zombo District.

Personally, I will be bound next Saturday night for Kampala, so preparations are in high gear. We just boxed up our miniature books libraries (around 150 titles-many classics and a complete reference section) that we've dubbed the Ted Westmoreland Memorial Library. Ted was an amazing friend who passed away recently. Anyway, the library will be on tour in Zombo going to schools without libraries (for now) and also be used to teach teachers and students the basic principles of a library.

Again, great thanks to all and welcome to our blog.

Mark Cotham

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