Saturday, June 18, 2011

Neat request

The headmaster from Ogalo Parents School, one of the poorest schools, but a personal favorite of Mark's, Carolyn's and mine came several miles this morning and asked me if I had a book on "the Methodists" that he could borrow.  This was neat because while we have made no secret of our church, we have only discussed that we are Christians and he had a apparently sufficiently appreciated our first group's approach that he wanted to learn more about us. I told him I was honored, I'd look and after some digging in our surplus religion books found a good book on John Weslely which he was pleased to receive.

We had a good day of introducing all to the village. Children were delightful, did work on the lantern project, had a good visit to Ogalo, spoke at legnth with Chairman Emmy about a number of projects, including the potential for producing health education dvd's in Alur in conjunction with the Where There is No Doctor series. Tonight's showing of the BBC series on the Oceans was well received.

Hope everyone at home is well.  Mark 

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