Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunday, June 12-Tuesday, June 14

Sorry to have lapsed on blog posts for a couple of days.  Our modem that we use to access the internet at the compound ran out of minutes.  Even in Uganda, it's nice to feel connected to friends and family.

After our last day of working on libraries, We were on our own on Saturday to do what interested us.  Some went back to finish up something on a library, others went shopping right at the Congo border.  Even though the Alur tribe (group we have been working with) exists in the Congo as well as Uganda, there was a noticeable difference between the two people.  The Zombo District Alur (Uganda) are a genuine, kind-natured people.  The Congo Alur are more "stubborn" as one of the local Ugandans put it.  I'm not sure that's the right word, but the Congo people just had a different way about them.

Sunday was transfer to Murchison Falls day.  We saw some amazing animals:  elephants, girafffes, baboons, water buffalo, etc.  Monday morning we went on a river cruise on the Albert  Nile and saw even more animals up close and personal.  Lots and lots of hippos and a fair amount of crocodiles.  Fun time had by all.  We continued on our way back going through Kampala for the night and had a last hurrah dinner at a lovely pizza place on the beach of the lake.  We took a last group picture which I will post when I get back to Houston.

We all loved our project in Uganda and had a good time getting to know the local people there.  They have such good hearts, it's understandable how Mark has gotten so attached to them.

Looking forward to group 2's blog, Have fun!!

michelle williams  signing off!

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