Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Woke up and ate breakfast outdoors with a bunch of Maribou storks nearby. These birds are in between turkeys and ostriches sizewise and real tall.                          

Then started knocking out logistics. Hit the Forex, bought and stocked three phones, hit the new and almost doubled in size Aristoc bookstore (note they have soccer balls on sale there in their new toy department).                             

Then, I enjoyed a great lunch with Sam Mdune with the United Methodist's East African conference in charge of missions. Sam is so thoughtful and pleasant. He'll be joining us for 3-4 days on the trip to Zeu and knows several Chapelwood folks from mission work in Kenya. Sam was very appreciative of the library that was  put together for the Bishop. He said he was fretting because they have training for new ministers coming up with no materials and then out of the blue he got word of the Chapelwood books being on the way, and considers that an answered prayer. He also had a number of encouraging things to say about the difference libraries and books can make in Uganda.    After lunch and a mad round of grocery and misc  shopping (4 stores) the highlight of the day, other than visiting with Sam, was picking out charts, maps and posters at Macmillan Uganda, right next to the Fang Fang Hotel. Many of the schools have absolutely nothing like this and it is fun and a real privilege to be working on this. This is where donated money is going. Thanks-this is going to make a real big impact in a bunch of kids' lives-letting them know about the world (all schools, for example, are going to be given a global map and we will let all know where Texas and the people who donated the books are located).                                                             

Really looking forward to some friends and family's arrival on Thursday/Friday.                       

Best, Mark the tired

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