Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday June 8th

Today we installed 6 more libraries:
Jupamatho, C.O.P.E., Ogalo, Palwo, Adhingi, and Adusi
Several of the schools had receiving lines for us as we approached in the bus and then sang in lines on either sides of us as we walked up to the schools.  C.O.P.E.’s singing was precious; they are a young school.  They are one of the poorest schools we will see, but were ready for us with brightly painted blue shelves.  Jupamatho is a very small primary school supported completely by parents.  It consists of 2 classrooms about 10’ x 10’ in size.  Peering into their room reveals a sea of little faces.  They are packed into their space.  Ogalo greeted their helpers with a school song showing their Ugandan pride. 

The drive to these schools is akin to a roller coaster ride.  Some members chose to walk home from their school, not to avoid the ride, but to enjoy the scenery.  This new area is closer to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The topography changes a bit with more defined hills.  There are tracts of pine trees planted for lumber harvesting as well as clear cut areas that have yet to be replanted.

The afternoon’s schools included more singing and spirited receptions.  Palwo waved bunches of leafy branches as they sang their song.  They also had a special song sung by their award winning choir saying “We will remember you forever!”

Adhingi and Adusi also had heart-warming receptions.  We’ll report more about them after tomorrow’s opening.

Thank you to all of you who made these libraries.  We are lucky to get to see their reactions, and feel blessed to get to meet the people who cherish the efforts of those whom they have never met.

Thank you also to our prayer partners.  Your prayers are felt.  There are over 20 of us in close quarters, but we are getting along very well.  This is a large effort and all of your hard work made it possible.

Michelle Williams

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