Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday, June 25

Just a few pictures before we head out tomorrow for the vacation part of our trip.  We leave with mixed emotions as we miss our families and our familiar surroundings ( not to mention showers, Mexican food, cold drinks) but we will miss this place.  As I type the kids are outside laughfing and singing and dancing the Macrana.  The girls have taught them a number of American saying such as "Wat's up", "hasta la vista, baby", " "talk to the hand", "peace out" and many more.  I will never forget their joy or how excited they get to see themselves on the back of your camera.  I will miss it all so much. 
hasta la vista, baby!!!

Mark Jr  & Caroline Cotham with all the locals..

Touring Zeu Medical Clinic

The new Medical Library at Zeu Medical Clinic, it was awesome!!

Just a few of our friends...

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  1. Hope it is not too late to tell you how your service of love has impacted not only the children and schools there but all of us back home at Chapelwood. Many of us "wish we could be there", but the blog has helped us feel a part of your work. Michelle and Anne, the pictures were wonderful. Seeing the youth working and playing with the children, a memory and experience they will never forget. Enjoy your R& deserve it. "Well done, you good and faithful servants." I know you have heard this alot....You are TRULY blessed to be a blessing. See ya when you get home.

    Blessings, Susan Johnson (Not Bob though I used his ID to post here!)