Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What a Group

The first part of Group1 (those going through Brussels) were just dropped off at the airport. The group flying back through London are leaving very early a.m.  (The Cothams and Andrew Price are looking forward to a day trip tomorrow to Jinja and the source of the Nile). Group One sure proved to be a hard working, dedicated and fun crowd.  I'm sure that a lot of luck was involved, but everyone seemed to find a good and productive role and get along quite well. Nice to know that it is possible for people to come together so quickly and work so well as a group. Of course, I think that everyone enjoying and loving the children so much had a lot to do with the group being so tasked oriented and willing to work so hard. 

Vicki and both Marks had a nice visit this morning with Sam Mdune and the United Methodist Church's bishop for East Africa. Let me let Michelle update on other aspects of the past few days.

When Group One gets back, thanks so very very much for what you accomplished and being so wonderful to work and travel with. I can promise you that the people of the Zombo district will never forget what you've done for them.

A couple of days rest and then we're really looking forward to the new group and working on a bunch of other great libraries. 

Best, Mark

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