Monday, June 6, 2011

Six libraries set up

Today we finished setting up Zeu and also Ndrinyi, Ngume, Zale, Papoga and Pagei. Great thanks to all involved in assembling and cataloging those libraries. Your hard work cataloging and ordering the books meant they just flew out of the boxes and onto the shelves.  By the way, we've been pleased with the local shelves.

At Zeu, we were very pleased that the first few students practicing checking out requested a play, another wanted a history of the Zulu nation and another a book on the human body.

 The excitement of the students was off the charts. Tomorrow, we'll have opening ceremonies, ribbon cutting and we'll be distributing solar lanterns and the Macmillan charts. A very large number of local dignitaries, village elders, parents and government officials are expected in attendance.  We will also be passing out de-worming medicine, thanks to  Dr. and Sue Price.

Finally, we were extremely pleased to speak with the Chairman of Zombo who explained that they will in connection with the library openings be especially emphasizing reading in the schools, including a two hour period of reading.  Nice to think that the libraries might also have the impact of vitalizing reading efforts overll.

Otherwise, all is well and everyone is in good spirits, albeit missing those at home.  We said a temporary goodbye to our friend Sam Mdume who left for Kampala--he happily took the books that we'd assembled for the Bishop as well as a majority of the Bethany Village books. We hope to share a dinner with Sam and the Bishop as our first group leaves through Kampala.

Thanks again to all for your hard and excellent work. Wish you could be here to see how grateful the kids and community are for all your kindness.

Mark Cotham

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